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About AlterBike TM

AlterBike TM products are carefully designed in Zurich, and assembled in Shanghai and Barcelona.

AlterBikeTM is committed to offering high quality products with an innovative design, yet practical and comfortable at the same time, in order to provide a pleasant driving experience wuth good taste.

AlterBikeTM  is a sub-brand of AlterPower TM which was founded in Switzerland by multi-national professionals from market leader successful companies, with the aim of introducing sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly mobility: the electric vehicles

Before entering the electric vehicle industry, AlterPower TM developed activities in the field of renewable energy, specifically in solar photovoltaic solutions. Our founders served for over 12 years as senior executives in industry leading companies where they built a solid base of technical, production, management and marketing knowledge, where the customer service has been the key.

- Why AlterBike TM

AlterBikeTM’s philosophy was created, developed and implemented under the same concepts of sustainability, affordability and simple lifestyle of AlterPowerTM.

Sustainable mobility is not just an ideal, but in AlterBike we make it a reality. We offer a means transport much more economical and flexible.

    • Reducing energy consumption (600 euros/year x person)

    • Decreasing emissions (29.2 kg/year x car)

  • Reducing transport costs (100 euros/year x person) 

Furthermore, the use of the bike reduces noise pollution and diminishes the traffic problems of the city.

And our mission at the end of the day is to bring you to your destination safely, comfortably and stylishly, besides helping you to reduce costs.


Our products are controlled under a series of intensive quality control tests. This also makes a significant contribution to lowering the cost.

The products and test process follow the European CE Certifications.

AlterBike has a team of engineers at the factory that controls the entire production process from the selection of components and raw materials to the assembly of the different parts, tests and tune-up.

Our commitment is to ANSWER within 48 hours at the most.

Customer service

We believe customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business.

In order to meet customers’ expectations and provide timely service, AlterBike’s technical service teams in Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and China support customer needs in a wide range of services.

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